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Empowering Yourself With Math
Have you ever said: “I never use math, so why do I have to learn it?”
The reality is that you have it backwards. “I need to learn math, so I can see where I can use it.” From managing the inventory of a business, to building something to specs in your trade, to designing your dream bedroom at home, to saving your hard-earned money, math impacts your life.
Math justifies decisions that affect your health, your future and your goals. Empowering yourself, both personally and professionally, requires understanding and utilizing math in making positive and healthy decisions for your success in the workplace and your fulfillment in life. The Library & Learning Commons welcomes all NIC students to transform their self-perception of the value of math at work and at home, and develop practical and meaningful applications of mathematics that will benefit your success at school, at work and at home.

Drop-In Tutorials (January 10 - April 12)

Students can join these sessions either in person or online through their campus' Library & Learning Commons via Skype for Business.

Tuesdays        1:00pm - 4:00pm in the Comox Valley Library & Learning Commons 

Wednesdays   10:00am - 1:00pm in the Campbell River Library & Learning Commons.


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