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NIC APA Guide & Examples

Anatomy of an APA Citation

APA Basic Citation Anatomy

APA citation style is used in nursing, social sciences, education, psychology.

A citation style which uses parentheses in text (author-date) instead of footnotes or endnotes, this format is popular in those disciplines where the date of the work, its currency, is significant to the reading of the text. Sources are listed at the end of the text in a section called References.

Reference List
Includes only those works which were cited in the text. Alphabetical listing. Author’s name is abbreviated, initials are given instead of the first name. The date follows. Source information in included in the citation, as well as the page numbers. For an internet source, add the retrieval date and the URL.


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Citing Sources

Citing all your information sources is a necessary part of research. The Works Cited/Bibliography lists all the materials used in your research, while the In-text References identify the source of information within the text of your paper. All In-text References must be fully documented in the Works Cited/Bibliography.

Both In-Text References and the Bibliography must adhere to specific standards and practices. Since there are a number of citation style guides, consult your instructor to determine which style guide you are expected to use.

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